Homework 1

The piece that I created involved pictures, sorted in a way to create your ideal mate. Cutting out three of your favorite pictures of the opposite sex and cutting them into three pieces; organizing them into piles consisting of a head, torso, and lower body. While creating this instruction set, one specific element was key to my piece, simplicity. I decided that I would like to create a simple and minimal instruction set, so that various people would participate. I liked the pieces of art that were random, but still having a choice on selecting a portion of the piece. I was also inspired to do this solely because I believe that it would be a fun experience to see if specific people you are attracted to, are still attractive when they are altered. While the piece is not completely random, there is a minor element of entropy. Selecting your own pictures is not random, but the actual output is the random element of the instruction set. The entropy of the piece is not extremely high, but does have a small amount of surprise on what combinations of the pictures you have selected will arise.

The piece that I stumbled upon online, was a instruction set by Sol Lewitt (Number 118). There is not a time stamp on when the piece was created, but it was an instruction set written for a Boston museum. The instructions for the piece follow, “On a wall surface, any continuous stretch of wall, using a hard pencil, place fifty points at random. The points should be evenly distributed over the area of the wall. All of the points should be connected by straight lines. “. I believe that Sol was leading the follower of the instruction set to actually find the area of the room that they enjoyed more. While randomly putting dots on the wall, the artist would eventually gravitate more towards one area of the wall; That area of the wall would be the spot that would be most intriguing when the lines are connected, in turn that would be the area of the wall that you enjoyed the most. Depending on the wall size and the person following the instruction set, the final work could be predicted. The entropy level of the art is not extremely high, you can decide where you want to put the dots and if you actually want to distribute the dots equally across the wall, or not. I do believe that this instruction set could create a fun piece of work on the wall, creating a spider web type wall. I concluded that this instruction set is something that can be accomplished easily, which would lead many to try creating their own Sol Lewitt, while still having every output of the instructions looking different from a previous version.



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