Blog 2

“Avant-Garde” is an art type that when viewed by many would not be considered art, such as the Marcel Duchamp urinal. Different type of art styles that some would consider dark. I view it more as an expression of personality, an innovative new way of art to evoke new senses and create new opportunities for artists to express them selves.  I do not believe that Avant-Garde art has a certain type style, but more is decided in the eyes of the beholder, which can differ from person to person on the same piece. Most people would view the Duchamp urinal as obscure art, or not even any form of art; but what if, that is standard art for Duchamp and normal painting is a style of Avant-Garde art to him. While the masses would view Avant-Garde style of art as obscure, consisting of dark colors, or odd objects; I simply think that the style is just anything that is out of the ordinary for the viewer.

I believe that Peter Bürger was trying to say that artists were starting to branch out into different areas of art, essentially some artists were starting to become bored. Peter Bürger, believed that emerging new art was fun and creative, but some people did not like it as much as the traditional style of art. Art does not have a specific anatomy, but it is anything that pleases the eye or evokes thought. Artists were not undermining the traditional sense of art, but rather just bored with the old concept and creating something new. Artists need to create new things all the time to continue to generate income, and the “Hipsters” of that art generation got bored with traditional painting or sculpting and decided to take a new view on art. I believe that this new and emerging art lead into a lot of new concepts in art, and was extremely good for the art world by broadening the spectrum of art. The new emerging style of art created new opportunities for a different type of creative person to create something great. With this new type of art different senses tingled when looking at the art, which some people loved, and others hated. I believe that Peter Bürger was trying to say that the Avant-Garde style was good for the art world, because it brought new people into the art world, and broadened the view on art and maybe even created a rebirth on the entire art world.

I believe that a modern day analogy to Avant-Garde art, is the whole idea on “Hipsters”. Breaking the norms of society and attempting new things, like Avant-Garde art. Hipsters are sometimes viewed as obscure or weird for stepping outside of the box and trying new styles of clothing. Like Avant-Garde art, some people might find a outfit that a Hipster wears as offending or odd, or maybe even a combination of the both. The Avant-Garde style of art, I believe is also like a specific genre of music. The Avant-Garde style was viewed as sometimes offending like the current genre of music, Death Metal. Death Metal, like Avant-Garde art can be viewed as extremely offensive from the screaming vocals, to the actual words in the lyrics. Relating back to Duchamp’s urinal, Death Metal can be extremely explicit vocally to the ears, like the piece of art that Duchamp created can be extremely explicit to the eyes in this situation. There are various modern day things that can be related to a Avant-Garde style of art. The Avant-Garde style of art, in my eyes is not something that should be related to odd or obscure art, but something that should be related to different, or thinking out side of the box.


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