Blog 5

The Single Lane Super Highway by Aarion Koblin, is actually extremely interesting to me. The description of the piece follows, “An experiment in communal creativity. In The Single Lane Superhighway a simple browser-based drawing tool tempted visitors to draw a car facing to the right. The project was completed upon reaching 50,000 hand-drawn cars which continue to drive in a never-ending parade.”. I find this piece is extremely unique because, it not only has art from one person, but up to 50,000 people. I did not find anything that specified how the work was created other than an online browser based drawing tool to create the cars. I feel that the work is extremely successful just from the masses that were involved in the piece; many of the car creators would look into the piece to see if they can find their car on the highway, and would show it to their friends and family, and the piece would become famous just by word of mouth. I find it extremely interesting that the level of the cars designed are dramatically different, for example, there are cars that are extremely detailed from the front to back to represent a super car such as a Ferrari, but also range to cars that are extremely low level drawings that look like oscar mayer wienermobile. I find that the work of art extremely intriguing, I like watching the cars cross the screen and looking at the level of difficulty and time that each person put into their car; I also extremely like that it is something new for a long period of time, that keeps me enticed in the work. 


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