Blog Topic 6

I do believe that video games are art. Art in my opinion is anything that invokes your senses or thought, and video games invoke a lot of consideration. The game passage is extremely low bit, it doesn’t have high graphics or really any creative story or plot that is as evoking as perhaps something, like a movie. Passage incorporates music and video to walk around and complete the task, deciding whether he wants to fall in love with this woman or not. As the character moves to the right the score increases and more time passes by, there are also various things you can find in the game such as rocks, grass, chests, and water. The end of the game shows the character all alone without the female character, as you keep moving you will eventually die. Passage is art though, everyone who plays it will see something different and will have a different view on the actual game even though how basic the game actually is. I think Rohrer was trying to show that life can pass by extremely quickly and that as you move through “levels” or life your “score” or knowledge will increase in the real world. I think the game was extremely effective at showing me that message even though the game is extremely basic; like Duchamps Urinal even though the work was not extremely pretty, it was still considered art by some and invoked an extreme amount of thought and consideration around the world. Video games in my opinion are art; other games like Super Mario Brothers, or even games like Grand Theft Auto are all art. The game depending on the complexity could invoke as much thought and debate, or even more than something such as a movie, or the Mona Lisa. The debate on the topic whether video games are art from the blog post in response to Roger Ebert and Clive Barker has not swayed my opinion very much on the topic. I have my own personal opinions on what I consider art to be(anything that invokes thought), while both sides of the topic provide an interesting theory, I take what I like from the blog post and use it to strengthen my own views. I believe an aesthetic experience can be created out of anything, there doesn’t need to be rules or a guidebook on how to make something aesthetic. Everyone is different in this life and aesthetics are achieved in different ways by everyone; this topic is a perfect example of that, are video games art or not? While many will argue both ways, I think this just perfectly demonstrates that aesthetics are all in the eyes of the beholder and there is no true way to achieve it. I believe personally an aesthetic experience comes from anything that inspires me to do something, whether it comes from a video game that inspires me to be a better person, or a song that inspires me to work harder in the gym; they are all aesthetic experiences in their own individual way. Some of the biggest influences that I have come to realize from pop culture are from super hero movies. I believe the hero is something that we need more of now in this day and age, I love movies like Captain America or Spider-Man, they influence me to become a better person at heart and try to be a hero for anyone who needs it.


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