Blog 7 (REVISED)

The first work I looked at was Najeeb Najjar’s Sin City. The art slowly changes through the city, like you are walking through the city for your self. Sin City changes from day to night and the signs light up and off depending on the mood of the city. The city has various creatures that appear throughout the course of walking through the city, the creatures that are in the city look to be transformer like beings.  Najjar’s city is extremely cool, he wanted to express a city of his own, a city he would like to live in. There is not much interaction in the piece other than the pictures slowly change and you can stop them as they move, like you are actually walking through the city for your self. This is installation art because it invokes thought through motion over time. Since there is not just one static picture, but a lot moving through the course of a city with various creatures appearing and lights turning on and off throughout the day and night. Sin city is actually very interesting to me, because it shows what a city could be like when there was an attack of “outer space” creatures and interacts with the viewer through a tour around the city. The next piece I looked at was “Adobe Lights”. The piece was created by over 100 artists whom names are not listed in the description. The piece was inspired to re create the adobe logo using over 100 handmade cube lights of different colors. They also can set each of the lights to show a work of art someone is currently working on in the cube in real time. The installation was created also to show off  the community of artists and designers who work with the software everyday. The specific cubes are not shown or described about how they are made, or how they gain the data from the users in real time, they are only specified as “Hand Made” and that they light up. The audience and the piece is very interactive depending on who is actually looking at the work of art, your piece could even appear on the cubes! The cubes change with various colors which invoke the senses and thought which is why this piece is a work of digital installation art. I like this work of installation art because it is extremely unique depending on where is it grabbing the data from.

Happy Beer Time is a USB like looking stick that plugs into the bar to create a deal for everyone! The original artists are not listed on the website, but the 4GB USB sticks are from a company named Carlsberg. With the slogan “Plug and Party” everyone can get a better deal on beer, with the timer running. There is a Television that shows everyone in the bar, and interacts with the customers when they send in a Instagram photo of them selves, with the #BarName and #HappyBeerTime the timer adds a more time to the half priced beer counter! While everyone is having a good time seeing their pictures on the tv and adding time to the half priced drinks, the bar is also getting free advertising all night on social media! I think that the idea is extremely cool, and could drive a lot of business to the specific bars that they are at. Eventually I think it would be extremely cool if they would expand it to be more user interactive with a projection screen.


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