Blog 8

The Montreal Canadians put on a fantastic light projection show like the one we watched in class with the robots, except instead of using robots, the ice rink was used. The specific creators are not listed but this show was put on before a playoff game in the Montreal Canadians arena. The pre game show consisted of a lot of lighting and projector use. The digital installation starts by lighting up all the banners with championships they have won, and then slowly move to the rink where lots of different things happen on the ice. The technology that is used is incredible, the projectors that are implemented to map out the ice and precisely imitate the ice in its exact form, manipulating it and moving around all the parts of it ranging from the goals to all of the face off circles. When the ice starts to move around, the video then slowly shows off each of their championship runs, and then suddenly stops. Music starts with the outlines of the rink appearing in a dark majestic matter, as the ice is manipulated yet again. Another video appears, this time with more recent footage showing off their season and hopefully exciting the crowd to motivate the team to another championship. The video ends with a young man skating around the court in a hockey uniform with a torch. He moves from each corner of the stadium and holds up the torch, each time he does this the area of the crowd lights on fire. He slowly works his way back into the middle of the court and lowers the torch, the lights go off and the entire stadium then lights on fire, the ice, the crowd, and the video board, everything. I think the used to create this was amazing, all the timing and interaction from the skater and crowd was precisely timed. I really like the production and I think it is a great example of digital installation.


Paul Nylander created a way to print math equations into something beautiful. Using a 3D printer Paul created objects that are printed from math and physics equations! I believe that this type of art fits more in the conceptualism concepts, because they are not something that is created to specifically model a object, they are created from math equations that do not have art linked to them. I think this is very cool, because this shows us that 3D printers can understand more than we think, they can create art from something that does not have anything to do with art, a calculus equation. While the artist does not go into detail on how the equations are formed into the objects, he does show pictures of specific objects that have been created, they range from a flower type creation to lamps. I believe that this could maybe be a huge leap into teaching kids math with art, like we learn art with code if the algorithm is explainable to the public. I think this is a great example of conceptualism because of the amount of though that you have to give to understand what the object is or how it was created. 


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