Blog 9

One of the aspects of the class that really interested me was video games as an art medium. The reason I would like to do Blog 9 on it is because I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember and I have never really thought about them in the art medium. I do believe that video games are art. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of art is “Something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that express important ideas or feelings”. Video games are art to me, and I think that they fit extremely well in that definition of art. Video games are a form of art; they are created with extreme imagination from the video game developers or the artists of video games. These artists have to imagine worlds or ideas that do not actually exist! I believe solely based on that, Video Games could be classified as more of an art than some paintings! Unlike Video Games where the idea is usually completely original, or a sequel to an original idea, some paintings are portraits of real life things; such as mountains, people, and buildings, which does not require imagination at all! The second part of the definition tells that art derives from skill with imagination. Video games like paintings or sculptures require expert skills in their way of creating the art, coding. While demand for coders is at an all time high, I think that this expresses that like artists not everyone can just write code, like not everyone can paint or draw! The final part of the definition is that art needs to be beautiful and express important ideas or opinions. Video Games are extremely beautiful in this day an age. Games like Watch Dogs have completely scaled the city of Chicago into a game with such precise detail, images from the game and Google maps look almost identical! While beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and one might say that a city is not beautiful, games have settings anywhere from fields, to the depths of outer space, everyone can find a setting that they find beautiful. I do also believe that video games express important ideas and feelings, and like art the message of the game may be as clear as day, or the developer could leave the underlying message up to interpretation! Games keep many people entertained for a large amount of time, which gives lots of time to express the underlying message from the developer or to form an opinion of your own! I do believe Video Games is a medium of art; they are extremely expressive and make you think. Movies are considered art by a lot of people, if you can consider movies as art, then you have to consider Video Games as art because they actually make you think not just feed the user information. I believe that anything created with skill that makes you think should be classified as art!


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