Blog 10

I believe that anything that evokes thought and is created by an expert in the field to entertain should be classified at art. I do believe that the art medium expands all the way from paintings and drawings, to video games and movies! The material in this class has definitely affected my prospective on art. I would consider my self a beginner at coding, only being in my second semester, I would have never thought that art could derive from code. I have always recognized art as a specific thing, paintings and drawings. This class has expanded my prospective on art dramatically! I now consider lots of things art that I would have never thought of before as art, such as video games and movies. I now recognize more artists than just traditional painters, such as one of my favorite aspects of the class, Digital Installations. I loved when we went over Digital Installations; they were something that I have seen before, but never recognized as art until learning about them in this class.  After coding in processing, I now see how hard computational art actually is to produce from code. Simple things like making my fish in assignment three, to making the fish move across the screen was surprisingly difficult in some cases! The material in this class has affected my knowledge of the creative practices by making me more aware to how difficult coding animations is. I now have a lot more respect for digital artist that code and create movies for Pixar like Monsters Inc., because I actually know how difficult it is to make simple animations! Having a semester background in coding from starting college, the class has not affected my computational thinking for me to notice a difference from the beginning of the semester. I truly believe that this class has expanded my knowledge on art in many ways! I not only learned about artists, but the class has made me more aware to art that happens around us every day! This class has taught me how to recognize art that is not in the traditional sense of paintings or drawings.